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New Facebook Fan Page

A few years ago, I had a Facebook Fan Page.  As everyone who follows me on this site and The Great Montana Conspiracy is aware, I am not permitted to have an actual Facebook account (mostly because Montana State does not want me using social media to speak about my political imprisonment), but I had a loyal fan, Jean Fox, create and maintain the page, which was awesome – while it lasted.

We had an impressive following of over 500 at the Fan Page’s zenith.  We were well on our way to my personal one thousand goal when the page was shut down by the zealous Angela Townsend in an effort to cause collateral damage to me in retaliation for my fight to reclaim my trademark she stole, The Forlorned.  Townsend contacted dozens of sites where I had accounts and made some kind of malicious claim to shut the page down.  To date, she only made two successful attacks: my personal Goodreads account and the Facebook Fan Page (which was not even my personal page).

Recently, another fan of mine, George “Bat” Boughner has started a new page.  He has reached out to Jean and the two are co-hosting the page.  Personally, I am hoping Townsend’s malicious abusive conduct will not cause this one to get shut down, but if it does go missing, assume she is the culprit.

At any rate, the new Fan Page can be found here:

Rush on over and claim your founding-member status and join the legions of fans who share in my personal worlds of fantasy!  And be sure to send me a note to say, “Hi”!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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