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The Wizard In Wonderland Limited Edition Contest

    For anyone following my Facebook fan page, you will have known that today was coming.  But the day has come and it is time to announce the rules for the new contest set to coincide with the release of my latest book, The Wizard In Wonderland.

    The Wizard In Wonderland is set for release on January 1, 2013.  There will be two alternate covers, each the reverse of the other (as seen below).  The normal covers will contain the title and my accreditations on the front, with a short description on the back.  However, each cover will also be produced in five extremely limited edition versions as textless covers, exactly as seen below.  There will never be more than ten limited edition covers ever produced for this title, so these will be instant collectibles.  As such, they will not be for sale anywhere – they will only be available through promotions like this.

    This contest actually has two tiers – one designed for individual readers and one targeted at resellers.  The idea is to make certain that neither group is left out of the chance to win these coveted prizes.

    For Readers:  This contest is open to anyone purchasing a copy of The Wizard In Wonderland through Createspace or a participating retailer on or before March 31, 2013.  Multiple copy purchasers will be entitled to multiple entries (ie, purchasing two (2) copies will entitle purchaser to two (2) entries, 3 copies will entitle the purchaser to three (3) entries, etc.).   Upon receipt of the book, scan and email a copy of the invoice or sales receipt to my email ( with the title “Reader’s Textless Contest”.  All receipts must be received on or before April 30, 2013.

    Prize: One (1) textless cover limited edition of The Wizard In Wonderland   

    For Resellers:  This contest is open to any business or person who purchases at least five (5) copies of each edition of The Wizard In Wonderland through Createspace – or any other designated distributor as may become available – for the express purpose of resale.  Multiple quantity purchasers of this allotment will be entitled to multiple entries (ie, purchasing ten (10) copies of each edition will entitle purchaser to two (2) entries, fifteen (15) copies of each edition will entitle the purchaser to three (3) entries, etc.).   Upon receipt of the books, scan and email a copy of the invoice to my email ( with the title “Reseller’s Textless Contest”.  All receipts must be received on or before April 30, 2013.

    Prize: One (1) free textless cover limited edition set (two (2) books) of The Wizard In Wonderland   

   For the purposes of this contest, a participating retailer will be one who has 1) purchased at least five (5) copies of each edition of The Wizard In Wonderland (total of ten (10) copies) for purposes of resale; 2) requested through letter of intent to participate; and 3) has agreed to issue receipts specifically identifying the sale of The Wizard In Wonderland and to whom.

    The contest will be open for participation upon release of The Wizard In Wonderland, which is projected to be on or about January 1, 2013.  Any delay to this release date shall not void nor affect any other dates of the contest.

    Any questions?  Please feel free to email me directly at

    Good luck to one and all!

    Below you will find the two textless cover images for the  contest.



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New Reviews

    A couple of reviews have come in recently, and as anyone knows, these are the bread and butter of a self-published author’s marketing.

   First, Sabrina over at Pubbing recently completed a review of One, the first volume of The Godslayer Cycle.  I was pretty happy overall with her review, and even her criticisms were more a reflection of how much more she wanted to keep reading than anything else.  You can check out her review here:

    Next, I received a personal in-depth review on Tarinel’s Song, the first book of Chaos Rising, this one coming from Bob Siloti with Tridagam Games in Columbia Falls, Montana.  Again, overall I am very pleased with the review.  Bob offers some very good insights and reflections on the book that others certainly have missed.  Here is Bob’s review in its raw form:

I have just read your second book…well done. So I don’t go on like a yes man let list my thoughts

1) the prologue …

In the first book your prologue drove me mad. I could not see it becoming meaningful to the story, then at the end it hit me like a Mack truck. You took your time in the second book as well. It built up suspense.

I have read many books over the years by many writers and your prologue rocks above many of them.

2) the story lines have been quite good. You keep things moving in interesting ways.

3) The characters  the first book they were just right. I grow fond of the main and his Dwarf friend mentor.

The second book almost had to many for me. Many with t names that took me a time to relearn them as the left and came back into the story. At times I had to reread sections after I fegured out who the character was. This is not all bad, just hard on a guy like me. We don’t all have the same quality clockwork you posses.

4) Your vocabulary…I like the introduction of new words, and you seem to able to do this without arrogance. Many writers can’t do that. Many more writers are far to repetitious in their new words, and you feel as if they are trying to write the whole book with their word of the day. You also don’t write down to your reader. You have good balance.

5) Typos…this is the pot calling the kettle black. The first book was for the most part flawless. The second book had a dozen or so problems. For the most part they looked like word prossesor cut and pasts…part of a word here the other part there, or stuttering llleters. None of which is a big deal, but I feel deep down you have a future in this game and reputation is everything.

I liked the second book even more then the first. Why? Because the concept of your worlds and their cultures was more pronounced. I was taken to a new place with hardly any effort. The first book felt like home here on earth…that was very cool. But the culterist in you really came out in the second.

I have read the books of quite a few friends and acquaintances. Up until you came along, this has been mostly an unpleasent experance. With you I am all ready a fan.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

P.S. make the next one soon please.


    Thanks one and all for the great reviews!  Want to know what everyone is talking about?  By all means, check out my Facebook page and get your hands on a copy of my books today!



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