Sincerest Apologies

To those who have noticed and written to me in recent months, I appreciate your concern – but for those who have sat back and wondered in silence, I would like to take a moment to extend my sincerest apologies.

When I began my publishing, I set out to have a new book released every six months.  And I have kept that release schedule for three years – until this year.  Quite frankly, this year has been a cluster of bad timing, stressful situations and yes, even health problems.  All of these have just made it next to impossible for me on a personal level to create the quality of fiction work that I know my fans have come to expect.  I could have just written words and thrown out a book, but that would not have been fair to my loyal fans, and I won’t do that – just to say I kept the schedule.

As many people of this blog also follow my other one, The Great Montana Conspiracy, you probably already know that since January, 2016, my life has been inundated with added stress legally.  I am forbidden at this juncture to mention most of the specifics, but needless to say what started as court-obstruction to recovery of my business assets evolved into harassment and faux legal actions designed to penalize me for pursuing that as well as for publishing my expose against corrupt politicians.  The stress that keeps increasing is difficult to express, but it does hinder my creativity.  As consequence, I simply have not had the frame of mind to create.

Add to this that my right hand literally stopped working right (I had two fingers locking into my palm – incredibly painful) which made sitting and writing even a challenge.  I had an operation in late August to fix the problem, and now I have a two month recovery to get the hand back to normal, but at least my hand isn’t locking up anymore.  Just have to stop overusing it…  *sigh*

This being said, I am hoping to have the largest hurdles overcome by October.  It may be a swan song for me, and I may find myself forever locked away and unable to write ever again.  Or I may just resume my former life.  If it’s the latter, I will definitely be returning to my publication schedule and get to work as soon as humanly possible on my next Oz-Wonderland book, Peter of Oz.  I will also do my best to get the final book in the Chaos Rising series, Stranger’s Silence, finished and try to get the next Godslayer Cycle book released, too.

My plan is to see all of these released in 2017 so that 2018 will be a fall-back to my original six month schedule.  Which means that my expectations will be to have a new book out every four months rather than six.  It will be a challenge, but I think I can get it done, since the Oz-Wonderland and Chaos Rising books are already scripted – the only new book then would be the next Godslayer Cycle book.

Of course, I have to overcome my current obstacles to get to that point.  I will endeavor to keep everyone up to date as soon as I have something more solid to report.  In the meantime, please follow The Great Montana Conspiracy as an update to my normal, everyday struggles to remain free.

Finally, just as an aside, and hopefully to show I have at least had some personal accomplishments through this, please take a gander at my new personal records from this summer.  As some may or may not know, I have a passion for fishing, and I even have a local nickname: the Pike Whisperer.  And this summer, I really cemented in my claim to that name.  Take a look:

The first picture is of a 15 1/2 (15.55 – personal scale) pound northern pike caught on June 26, 2016, at Smith Lake, Montana (by Kila, Montana).  The second was a 23 1/2 (23.50 – state certified scale) pound northern pike caught on September 9, 2016, out of a private slough near Kalispell, Montana.  For me, these are my personal bests.  Before these fish, I had never caught anything over 10 pounds before.

Of course, the one caught yesterday did nothing for my hand, which has ached so bad since!  LOL

Anyways, this at least shows I am out here trying to find pleasure where I can.  I may not be able to sit at a computer and create as I would like, but at least I am not letting all of these bad turns keep me down completely.

And, hey – if this encourages anyone to come to Montana for some great fishing, fantastic!  And who knows – maybe you can catch up with me and we can have some fun doing it together!  And yes, that’s an open-ended invite.  ;)

So – until next time (and hopefully getting back on track writing)…

I am and shall always remain,

Collectibly Yours,

Ron Glick

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The Oz-Wonderland Series: The Wizard In Wonderland Movie

You read the caption correctly: The Wizard In Wonderland is being adapted to a live action movie!  Producer Trevor R. Browning has joined with me to produce and adapt the first novel of the Oz-Wonderland series into its very own motion picture!  Could not possibly be more excited!

For more information on this project and to check out our press release, visit the movie website here:

We will be funding the movie their private investors and – so be sure to watch that site (and this blog) for information on when the fundraising campaign begins!

The Wizard in Wonderland(horizontal)


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Review: The Wonderful Alice of Oz (Oz-Wonderland Series # 3) by Ron Glick

The Book Lover's Boudoir

23877020The Wonderful Alice of Oz (Oz-Wonderland Series # 3) by Ron Glick
Createspace (ebook), 2014
181 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)

I was given a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Three Wicked Witches vie for control of the Magical Land of Oz, while the Wizard appears no closer to solving the mystery of how to return the former Wyrds to Wonderland. But Glinda’s secret may shift the balance in an entirely unforeseen direction! Meanwhile, a quest beyond the Looking Glass may have gleaned more than anyone was hoping for when Dorothy’s return from that magical realm attracts the attention of a new player in the conflict…

Written with a faithful eye to the original Baum and Carroll classics, The Wonderful Alice of Oz concludes the first story arc of the series, while setting the foundation for the next chapter to…

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Book Review: The Wizard In Wonderland

The Book Lover's Boudoir

19293644.jpgThe Wizard in Wonderland (Oz-Wonderland #1) by Ron Glick
Smashwords (ebook), 2012
190 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)

I was given a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Dorothy Gale has been to some strange lands, but none as unexpected as 19th century Oxford, England. Yet this is exactly where Dorothy meets Alice Liddell, a young woman with her own fanciful stories of a place called Wonderland. Alice finds herself pulled into Oz to face a new Wicked Witch, while Dorothy must follow the Wizard into a Wonderland civil war. Unknown to either girl though, plots have arisen against both faery lands, and they must uncover the hidden history shared between these lands if they are ever to set things right again.

Written with a faithful eye to the original Baum and Carrol classics, The Wizard in Wonderland reveals the secrets…

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Review: Dorothy through the Looking Glass (Oz-Wonderland #2) by Ron Glick

The Book Lover's Boudoir

20466947.jpgDorothy through the Looking Glass (Oz-Wonderland #2) by Ron Glick
Createspace (ebook), 2013
156 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)

I was given a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.


The Wizard’s journey to Wonderland has exposed a shared history between that faery land and Oz – but the meaning behind the connection is still largely a mystery. Dorothy and Alice have come together to save Wonderland, but can they do anything before the Wicked Witches succeed in taking over Oz? With the looming conflict already threatening two worlds, the path ahead leads Dorothy to a third: a mysterious unnamed world that exists on the other side of a mirror in the university at Oxford – where reality itself has been set backwards, and Dorothy finds that entering this particular faery land may end up being a one-way trip. Meanwhile, Alice must…

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Press Release: The Marvelous Neverland of Oz


December 10, 2015 | Kalispell, Montana

Visit http://ronglickcom for contact details, review copies, photos, and an author bio.

Ron Glick Brings Neverland To Oz
The Marvelous Neverland of Oz” In Print and Kindle Format

Fourth Book In the Oz-Wonderland Series Releases on January 1, 2016

Three years ago, fantasy author Ron Glick introduced the world to the re-envisioned classic Oz-Wonderland Series. But after Dorothy Gale and Alice Liddell saved three faery realms, what else might the Cheshire Cat have planned for them?

In the first three books of the Oz-Wonderland Series, the Wicked Witches returned with secrets – including a mysterious past that linked them to Wonderland and the Looking Glass World. But even after saving these fragmented realms from destruction, Alice Liddell and Dorothy Gale found themselves confronted with an even greater mystery – at least two other shards needed to be found before Wonderland could be fully restored.

Now the series resumes with “The Marvelous Neverland of Oz”, where the March Hare leads a renegade army from Wonderland rampaging across Oz, Mombi plots to bring even more chaos in an effort to escape, and Glinda must delve into her own past. And as three magical realms seek to find balance, an eternally young boy makes his way to Oz with secrets of yet another faery world – Neverland.

The Oz-Wonderland series has been by far Ron Glick’s most well-received series. Now, with the fourth book expanding to include the mythology of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Neverland, Glick sets the stage for even greater adventures. With a faithful eye to the original Baum, Carroll and Barrie classics, The Marvelous Neverland of Oz launches the next exciting chapter in the modern classic Oz-Wonderland series.

“This book has had me on edge and now it’s torturing me! You’ve got to read this book! I give it a rating of 10 out of 10 as it has literally got me wanting more!” – L. Allison Burres, on “The Wizard In Wonderland”

Ron Glick (born January 20, 1969) is a community activist, and is presently active in several charitable enterprises. He currently lives in Kalispell, MT. He is the author of The Godslayer Cycle, Chaos Rising , Oz-Wonderland, and Ron El’s Comic Book Trivia series, as well as founding the Golden Age Preservation Project. He loves contact and welcomes input on his work through his website,


Marvelous Cover (Full)

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Cover Reveal: The Marvelous Neverland of Oz

I just received the final image for The Marvelous Neverland of Oz and am quite excited to share it!  This cover was completed by Shady Curi, a fantastic artist from Bolivia.  If you like what you see, you should certainly pass on his info as he is great at what he does!

So without further ado, please enjoy this first look at the cover art for my latest novel, The Marvelous Neverland of Oz, to be released January 1, 2015!


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