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The Wizard In Wonderland Ending

    By far, the most common negative comment I receive about the Oz-Wonderland series (though still far outweighed by all the positive comments I receive) is the abrupt ending to The Wizard In Wonderland.  I provided an explanation for this on Amazon in a comment, but realize I should have posted it here, as well.  I have therefore copied the comment to the end of this post.

    That being said, with the release of Two on the horizon, I will be returning to work on Oz-Wonderland with Dorothy Through the Looking Glass, which I hope to have released by January, 2014.  I certainly hope all my loyal readers can wait that long.  🙂

    As the story summary says, [The Wizard In Wonderland] was written in an effort to preserve the original stories written by Carroll and Baum.  As I was writing this story, it became obvious to me that the story I had conceived (originally planned for one book) was much broader than I originally drafted, and to tell the story in one volume would have broken one of those precepts set by both authors.  Specifically, both authors wrote what would have been considered – by today’s standards – novellas.  And if I continued the story in one volume, I would have created an epic fantasy novel, not the high fantasy novellas that the original creators envisioned.

    Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland was 86 pages; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was 138 pages.   By contrast, The Wizard In Wonderland is 190 pages.  My story ends abruptly because I had to find a point to end the story while still resolving the principle storyline – which was to find the Wizard.  But once accomplished, as any reader of the book can attest, the story goes on as secrets are discovered and new insights are gained by the characters.   The heroes must rescue both Oz and Wonderland, and by page 190, that quest was not even close to resolution.

    And so I was left with a choice – continue on and write an epic fantasy (as one can see from my other novels is my normal style); go back and abbreviate the story I had written; or reach a point where I could break it off and preserve the tradition set by both Baum and Carroll.  I felt the first would not preserve the legacy of the original creators, and that the second was not an option because it would have created a rushed and (to me) poorly delivered story.  So I elected for the third option – preserve the story and deliver it in a fashion consistent with the original authors’ presentation.  True, none of the original books end as abruptly as mine did, but to continue on, in my humble opinion, would have been the greater error.

    So to anyone who was not satisfied with the delivery I chose, I am sorry.  But I still feel justified in the choice I made.  And I hope this explanation will at least to some small degree offer a salve for anyone who wishes for a one-book read.  I guess the one thing I don’t do well with any of my stories is to tell something in one volume.  But rest assured – Oz-Wonderland will resolve and I hope that if you will continue with me on the rest of the journey, that you will ultimately be satisfied with the final work.


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Ron El’s Comic Book Trivia Free Book Contest

Image    Although I should have probably posted this here sooner, the 4th volume of Ron El’s Comic Book Trivia was released on January 26, 2013.  And today all four volumes of the series were made available for free download on Amazon.  If you were following my Facebook or Twitter pages, you would already have known all about that.  I just neglected to post it here.  You may still be able to get in on the free downloads by visiting here:

Ron Glick In Kindle Books

   If you missed out, or even if you didn’t, here’s how I am going to make it up to you.  I am going to start posting trivia questions *not* yet published to this forum periodically.  Each question will have the opportunity to be answered in the comments.  The first person who posts a correct answer will get an entry into a contest for a free autographed paperback copy of Ron El’s Comic Book Trivia Volume 1.  The contest will run until the date of the release for the next volume of the series (presently scheduled for release by April 7, 2013).  All of these questions will be from the content of Ron El’s Comic Book Trivia Volumes 5, so you will in effect be getting a sneak peak of the upcoming volume (and yes, all of those questions are already written) – and people will not be required to make a purchase to participate.

    Because this is not a speed-entry format, spelling and specifics are important.  If there are multiple characters of the same name, you must specify which one you are naming.  For instance, if the answer is Robin, you will need to specify which Robin (I, II, III, IV, V, or alternate future/reality version).  I will post the winner of each question, so if you do not see a post from myself, assume the question has not been answered correctly yet.

    One final rule: members of The Creators guild on The Settlers Online (past or present) are disqualified from this contest, as they have already been provided these answers.

    So it’s time to bookmark this page so that you can check daily for new trivia questions.

    Good luck!

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