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16 Mar

Received another great review on The Wizard In Wonderland, this time from the blog, Liss In Bookland.  This is an especially great endorsement, since Liss is an admitted Alice In Wonderland fan, so to meet her high level of expectation is a real compliment for me.

Here is the review:

Having lived in Oz, Dorothy Gale is approached by the good witch Glinda, to help find the Wizard, who has gone missing.

After the two characters meet, Alice Liddell ends up in Dorothy’s place in Oz helping to fight a new type of Wicked Witch, whilst Dorothy is transported to Oxford and to Wonderland, to help with a civil war.

Both characters are out of their traditional stories and must unearth some territorial secrets, to find the truth and restore peace…

 Thoughts *Possible Spoilers*

I absolutely love the Alice in Wonderland story (as shown by my screen name) and when offered to review this, was very much drawn in by the mixing of the two classic stories and the characters.

I immediately notice how well written it is, the sentences are very tight and seem to flow with an effortlessness that a lot of writers would covet! As a big fan of the Alice in Wonderland story, I was pleased with the way that Ron portrays her, her language (and Dorothy’s too) as they pay homage to the original characters, whilst exploring new plot lines.

Another point I personally enjoyed, was the freedom of setting and the way it was so easily adapted. Each character is transported with ease and the magical aspect was probably my favourite thing about the book as a whole.

This is book 1 in the Wonderland series.

Bottom Line: This is a really interesting read, visually impressive and well written.

Favourite Quote: “Alice was not discouraged. Such places would not be special at all, she would often say to herself, if they appeared at regular times and in predictable ways.”

The full review can be found on Liss’ site at:

Be sure to visit her site and let her know how much you appreciate her review!  🙂

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