Progress on Godslayer

25 Jan

It never fails that life gets in the way when you want to move forward, but at the same time, it is equally inescapable the sense of accomplishment you get when you get even one step closer to the end of your journey – even if it is one of only the first steps.

What brings upon the nostalgia?  Well, if you must know, I just finished the first chapter of Two, the second volume in the Godslayer Cycle.  True, this is only two steps so far – Prologue and Chapter 1, but it’s progress, right?

Also on my plate is the completion of the fourth volume of my comics series, Ron El’s Comic Book Trivia, which I plan to have finished by tomorrow, so it will be available for download by the weekend.  And why is that?  Why, because the 50th online comic book trivia contest I host is at that time, and it’s important to me to have the volume completed by then.

After that deadline, it’s all Godslayer, all the time.  So sit back and enjoy all – it’s gonna be a rocky ride for Ol’ Nate and Bracken.  Oh, and did someone see the Witness running around?

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