Godslayer Cycle revisited

08 Jan

    Now that the work of The Wizard In Wonderland is complete, I am once again free to delve into my own realms – which means I am now at work on the long-awaited sequel in the Godslayer Cycle – Two.


    The world is changing as new Gods are proclaimed and others begin to die.  Nathan will begin to feel the full spectrum of power the swords collectively hold as those who have sat idly by for centuries are beginning to get wind of the changes that are in the wind – Enter the demigods!

   I have to admit, getting back to work on Godslayer has been exhilarating.  I have already written the Prologue and am preparing to start work on the first chapter later today.  But the prologue has some special hints of what is coming as well as provides an essential key to where the Gods themselves come from.  And I am so excited that I am offering anyone who asks a special sneak peak at the book.

     That’s right – I will send a PDF copy of the Prologue to anyone who responds to this post.  Basically, just ask and it’s yours for the preview.  How cool is that?

    To request, just send an email to titled “Preview Request”.  Do this, and you will have a copy of the Prologue in your hot little hands within 24 hours.

    Look forward to hearing from you all very soon!


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