Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

02 Feb

One of the biggest obstacles for any self-published author to overcome is marketing.  If the public is not aware of your work even existing, they can’t even search for it online, much less find it in a bookstore.  The biggest key then to become successful in self-publishing is the necessity to publicize the book in order to promote awareness.

I have just started a fundraising campaign on KickStarter, a start-up funding website.  Through KickStarter, I am hoping to attract the funds needed to promote and market One, and consequently, the rest of the Godslayer Cycle.

I hope you will take the time to visit the site and help promote it on social networks you belong to (ie, Facebook, MySpace, etc).  Even better, I hope you will take this opportunity to support this worthy endeavor and make you own contribution towards the cause.  Remember, all proceeds for this book are going to charity, so helping this book get launched is more than just a way to make sure the remaining books are created – it is a way to help support a worthy charitable cause, as well.

Just in case the link above does not work for you, here is the link that you can copy and paste to follow:

I hope you all believe in this work and its underlying goal enough to support it, too.  😀

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