New Review

12 Jan

Just received a new review of One, and thought I would share it here.  Needless to say, I am really happy with the praise for the book:

Hello Ron

I just finished reading your book.  In all honesty when Pam put it on my kindle, I thought I was going to be tortured.

These are the points that I see

Your vocabulary and use of it is absolutely wonderful

The plot in the story though and I say this because I am a Jim Buther and Robert Jordon fan… was damn good.

When I came home after reading the book ,,,I told pam I didn’t know who was better, you of Jim Butcher

What I enjoyed most, was the subtlies of your character development.  I had a hard time making it through the prologue but by pp 10, I was hooked.

I would really really like to see you continue writing.

I would highly suggest you send 1 or 2 of your middle chapters to different publishers.

I liked your story, the plot and all of the subplots

you wove everything together very skillfully.

Keep up the good work

Your new fan,



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